2015 Schedule

The general routine is described below. If you want to take a look at some of the workshops that will be held during the week check out Workshop Descriptions

A typical day-in-the-life of an MJSBVA-goer looks something like this:


Morning Circle- This is usually a way to get our day started with an energizing or focusing group activity

Block 1- Blocks can consist of a workshop, a site visit (either a mountaintop removal site tour, or a visit to a community project), or a community service project. People that participate in community service projects typically spend either two consecutive blocks or a full day out in the field.

For a list of workshops we’ve had in the past, navigate here.

Block 2


Block 3

Block 4

Down Time


Group Reflection- Depending on the size of the larger group, these reflections will take place in smaller groups that stick together throughout the week, that are facilitated by a local organizer or member of the MJSB planning collective, and that don’t consist of the group you came with! For those of you who have attended MJSBVAs in the past, this is something new we might try out.

Evening Activity– this will be either a local music group, a movie screening, a contra dance, or…something uncategorizable (but surely mind-blowing ;))

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