The Basics

When: March 7-14, 2015.

We strongly encourage you to attend the entire week since this allows us as facilitators to better build a safe and supportive group environment, and allows you to take full advantage of the unique opportunities offered every day. If you really want to come and think you might have to miss one or some days, please let us know when you register (and we might follow up with you)!

Location: Natural Tunnel State Park, Duffield, VA. We will have a spot for group camping, limited lodge accomodations for people who express need, and the beautiful Cove Ridge center for daytime use.

Cost of attendance: To finance our event, we charge for attendance on a sliding scale from $50 to $500 dollars, and no one is turned away for lack of funds. The wide range of possible costs takes into account the wide range of financial resources available to participants. Some colleges and universities provide funding for students to attend conferences; we encourage you to look into these opportunities at your school. Other students may be paying for themselves, and will tend towards the lower end of the scale. If you are still confused, know that if you want to make sure you at least cover your own costs, you should aim for at least $150. One of the goals of MJSBVA is to be a fundraiser for the RReNEW Collective, and another goal is to reach as many people as possible; keep this in mind and just make sure that you are not deterred by lack of funds! If you have any questions about financing your spring break, please contact us.

Schedule: The basic structure of the week is a full day of workshops, field trips, community service projects, speakers, music, time for hiking and generally enjoying our time together. The final schedule will be announced closer to the event, and is subject to change.

Food is provided by us. Lodging will be provided by YOU in the form of tents! We’ll have a big army tent that we’re working on equiping with a wood stove in case some nights are too cold for happy camping. We do our best to accomodate dietary and dormitory needs! Let us know when you register.


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