Workshop Descriptions

The following are some of the workshops that we have on the schedule for the upcoming MJSB, including some that have been part of previous MJSBs and that we’re still working on filling for this event.


Activist Self-Care; Herbs, Health and the Long Haul – An introduction to taking care of ourselves for the long haul of movement building and community organizing. Some focus on self-care in Public, Direct Action situations.

Community Organizing 101 – A basics of Community organizing, building people power and winning concrete changes in people’s lives.

Deepening our Connections – This is a group discussion examining the ways we are connected to the earth, each other, life, culture and spirit. We will discuss things that divide us, such as racism, sexism, anthropocentrism, classism and egocentrism; as well as frameworks designed to overcome these divisions and connect us more deeply, such as deep ecology, ecofeminism, social ecology, environmental justice and mysticism.

Intro to Appalachian Culture – An integral part of working in solidarity with communities directly impacted by MTR in Appalachia is learning to dismantle and challenge long standing stereotypes of Appalachian Culture.

Know Your Rights – Whether in a protest, or just a supporter of the movement for Justice, we all should know our rights as guaranteed by law,  in the face of regular harassment and denial of rights by law enforcement authorities.

Meeting Facilitation 101 – An introduction to the tools and process of meeting facilitation, with a focus on Consensus process as practiced by groups like Mountain Justice and Occupy Wall St.

Messaging and Framing – Telling the story of our movement, our actions and our strategies is a key part to building the movement and ultimately winning. We’ll discuss techniques for developing messages that effectively tell our story.

MTR 101 – An introduction to the process of MTR, the effects on ecologies and communities, and an overview of the movement to end MTR.

NVDA 101 – Non-Violent Direct Action is one of the main tactics Mountain Justice uses to add to the citizen movement to end MTR. NVDA 101 is an introduction to the philosophy, history, and specific tactics involved in NVDA.

Solidarity Economies : developing models for sustainable development– A discussion of alternative, democratic and sustainable economic structures and ways to support their development in communities today.

The Nature of Leadership – There are two worlds. One “out there” objective reality, and one “in here” subjective, human reality.  Modern humans mostly believe in and live in the second, constructed reality, which is daily growing more distant and virtual from the “real” world.  Ecological repair, and the social and political change that it will require, cannot happen until there is a critical mass of citizens who are awake in, live in and believe in their embodied existence on the Earth. Join me for a fun, interactive, outside, exploration of ways to use Nature to create peace and health in ourselves, in others, and in the land. “No amount of reasoning can engender a moral value, because all values are, at bottom, emotional attitudes.” -Jessee Prinz

Tour of Coal Camps– A tour of active MTR sites in Wise County, as well as a look at the impacts of MTR on communities immediately around Appalachia, Va.

Water Testing with Matt Hepler– Come learn about how to use the Clean Water Act and Science to enforce existing laws and save our streams and mountains

Women in Appalachia Panel – A discussion on life as a woman in Appalachia, challenges, joys, victories and pains.

As well as…

Parallels of Dirty Energy, Hydrofracking 101, Effective Strategies for Working Within the Regulatory Environment, the Changing Landscape of Extraction, Longwall Mining, and more…

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